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Group & Duplicate Elements. Next, we'll go through the steps to Group and Duplicate elements.. Drag your cursor over the elements you want to group. Then click on Group in the toolbar editor.. Next, click on the + icon to duplicate.. TIP: If you don't see the + icon, just click on the three horizontal dots and it will appear. Drag and drop your duplication to the desired location.

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3 How to copy a link in Telegram and paste it into a dialogue * This guide requires a Telegram account which the Bot will send messages to How i just make money from my home overnight, see here: (or click on the name) 04.

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As of Telegram Desktop Version 3.1.1, You can format the your message like: Ctrl + K = this pops Create link field and auto fills selected text on Text. Ctrl + B = Bold Ctrl + I = Italic Ctrl + U = Underline Ctrl + Shift + S = Strikethrough Ctrl + Shift + M = Monospace Ctrl + Shift + N = Plain Text.

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Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs. It’s as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be.
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Notion continues to be the easiest way to get information centralized somewhere and shout it out to someone else. For us, that’s extremely important because half our team is remote.
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Notion’s ease of use is one of its hallmarks. It helps you visually navigate content and remember where something is.
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